Cafe | Moscow | 2022

This project was inspired by classic Japanese interiors - natural, eco-friendly and very functional.
Despite the common space, the interior is divided into different zones - soft and modular seating in the area with an open kitchen and cozy tables in the bar area.

Big decorative partition not only plays up the existing structure of the room, but divides the interior into different zones, and armed glass adds community to the space - there is no sense of separate rooms here.
The architectural concept is based on geometry: wooden slats, vertically directed volumetric ceramic tiles, corrugated glass and metal structures interact very harmoniously with each other.

I paid special attention to the color of the interior - from the color of the walls, to the finish coating of furniture, floors and ceramic tiles. 

The light and voluminous interior is emphasized by black and clear accents - lamps, doors and other elements.
Photo by Vasily Khurtin & Nikolay Yarin

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