Type: Cafe
Location: Moscow
Year: 2023
Area: 140m
Interior design by Nikolay Yarin & Artem Rechitsky
Photo by Roman Alexeev
Bistro in the "Zilart" residential complex.
The cafe is located on Architect Shchusev Street and we decided to use many references to his architectural heritage in the interior - arches and iron structures looking like the old train station, smooth constructivist forms, ornaments inspired by Shchusev's early work. 
An open kitchen and a large communal table emphasize the idea of openness and hospitality. A variety of seats are aimed at a wide audience of the district: a mother with a stroller can come here, you can work here and, of course, have a delicious lunch or dinner.
The interior is made in soft gray-beige stones with terracotta accents. 

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