Family coffee shop in the residential complex "Botanicheski-LIFE".
Location: Moscow, Lazoreviy pr.1
Area: 48 m2
Year: 2018

Cotto is a small local Roman style coffee house. The image of Rome wasn’t chosen by chance: the eternal city both classic and modern, where people love and keep the traditions of making delicious Italian coffee.
Cotto is run by a family, like many small Italian cafes, so the place has a very special and pleasant atmosphere.
Cotto in Italian means "cooked." Coffee is being prepared. The drink is ready - you just need to come and pick it up. Causes pleasant, warm associations because of the particle “Сot”. The word is simply pronounced and sounds Italian.
Interior Design:
Floor plan involves three-part zoning: a place at the bar where you can take a coffee-to-go or a quick espresso; seating near the window; where you can comfortably feel yourself in the middle of it; a cozy nook where you can stay for a long time. Fast, medium and slow coffee.
We pretended the coffee house was a classic Roman hall with stucco and coffered ceilings with the mid-20th style panels and then modern elements, like a geometric bar counter and a ventilation box on the ceiling, integrated in it. From antique classics through the avant-garde design of the 60s to modern times.
Most of the materials and interior elements are somehow connected with Italy - decorative plaster, Italian sanitary ware by Simas, and porcelain tableware. The bathroom stands out from the general concept, but continues the theme of Italy - Carrara marble massive tiles, disproportionately large round lamps by Ideal Lux, Milan.
Brand identity:
We chose the Roman flag as the brand colors. The deliberately playful logo in combination with the geometric corporate font reminds of the internal contrasts of Italy and Rome.
Brand identity and interior design elements have things in common: large round logo stickers the windows and lamps-spheres, stickers on a regular customer card and holes in wall panels.

Interior design:
Photos by Polina Poludkina
Thank you!

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