Hello Papaya VTB
Location: Moscow
Area: 50m
Year: 2020
Hello Papaya. SOK Buisness Center.

Hello Papaya in the SOK VTB Business center is the second branch of the fast food chain with European and Asian cuisine. The main brand focus is on the healthy food and bright tropical themes. 

This time we decided to show the concept of the jungle with simple geometric shapes. 
The artwork with a disk-sun rising from the horizon of the rainforest, highlights a soft area with sofas. A large metal "cloud" above the counter sets the  movement direction of guests and indicates the pick up area. Calm gray walls work as a monochrome background for the brand's rich colors and draw attention to decorative elements.
The cafe has different seating options: you can have lunch, work on a laptop, or have a quick coffee at the bar table having had time to recharge your phone

Photos by Polina Poludkina

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