KOOK Korean Bistro

Location: Moscow
Area: 135m
Type: Coffee Shop
Year: 2022

Team: Nikolay Yarin, Konstantin Ostroukhov, 
Marina Ezerskaya, Ekaterina Daugel-Dauge

Photo by Roman Alexeev

KOOK restaurant interiors are inspired by modern Korean aesthetics: minimalism juxtaposes with unusual elements and shapes. Smooth furniture outlines contrast with the laconic light and graphic neon lighting shapes. Playful and at the same time elegant interior becomes part of the visitor’s visual experience.
The unifying element is a large suspension, which passes from one hall to another. Now it is a huge chandelier made of Christmas foil «rain», but depending on the season or events taking place in the bistro, it can change and update the interior.
Bistro spaces consists of two areas: the 1st and the ground floor, which are united by one volume - an atrium with the small gallery. First floor is intentionally bright and catchy: a red color block that attracts attention at first glance and bright, oddly shaped neon lights. The basement, on the contrary, is more muted and monochrome, with warm lighting and soft colors. Unusual here is in the furniture: a sofa with curved pillows, modular unusual shaped tables and a large common table-egg.

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