Type: Restaurant
Location: Moscow, Pyatnitskaya 45
Year: 2023
Area: 220m

Team: Olga Potapova, Nikolay Yarin, Konstantin Ostroukhov
Photo: Roman Alexeev
RA’MEN - the fourth and the largest restaurant of the chain is located in a separate building on Pyatnitskaya Street. There are three floors here, which allows the space to be divided into three different zones.
Facility's concept remains unchanged. It is a Japanese restaurant and bar aimed at young audience. Cosplayers, anime fans and everyone who likes modern Japanese culture come here to spend time. Especially for them the restaurant has a hidden room in the attic - a room for traditional tea ceremonies.
The large space of the restaurant has elongated rooms, so we have long and meticulously
developed the planning solution. We wanted to accommodate the maximum number of seats without compromising the overall atmosphere. The third floor of the building is an attic with a very low ceiling. We created a space for tea ceremonies there with seating on the floor.
The core of the interior and the center of visual attraction is the staircase connecting all three floors of the restaurant.

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