Coffee Shop | 2021
Creating the interior of this coffee shop, we were inspired by retro futuristic images and shapes. It's not an attempt to predict the future through the eyes of people from the past, but rather fog dreams of the future - naive and romantic. 

In the project, it was important to look for budget, but unusual materials and solutions that convey a futuristic atmosphere: a radius counter made of building blocks, arched openings on the entrance, broken tiles mosaic in the WC, an apron finish with mirror stainless sheets, two-tone linoleum on the floor. 

All the interior colors emphasizes and repeats the brand colors. Bright and catchy at the same time cozy and endearing. 
"Orbita 67" is the 67th parallel - the hometown of the founder of the cafe, so for the interior graphic basis we took parallel lines and circles that pass through the entire interior and unite it. 
Furniture mostly is vintage, which we, together with the coffee shop founders, searched for at flea markets and restored. 
"Orbita 67" is not just a cafe, but to some kind of a social club. Residents of the house can hold meetings here, discuss important events and collect signatures. In the evenings, neighbors gather to play board games or watch videos on a projector, guests with pets are always welcome here.

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