Type: Cafe
Location: Moscow
Year: 2023

Team: Artem Rechitsky, Konstantin Ostroukhov, Nikolay Yarin, Anna Nikolayeva
Photo: Roman Alexeev
RA'MEN is the third facility of the chain, located on one of Moscow's central streets - Myasnitskaya. Situated in the heart of the city's vibrant gastronomic district, our primary focus was to create an exemplary project with meticulous attention to detail.
Remaining true to its core concept, RA’MEN on Myasnitskaya continues to be a Japanese restaurant and bar, catering specifically to a youthful target audience. Here, cosplay enthusiasts, anime lovers, and all those enchanted by contemporary Japanese culture gather to revel in an immersive experience.
Despite the venue's modest size, we were determined to maximize its potential by carefully designing a layout that accommodates an ample number of seating options while maintaining a comfortable and ergonomic interior. The composition of the space follows a cyclical flow, allowing both guests and staff to navigate seamlessly. This thoughtful arrangement enhances the overall dining experience, ensuring that every corner of the restaurant is utilized efficiently.
Moreover, we capitalized on the advantages offered by the venue, which includes large arched windows and high ceilings, by leaving them open and unobstructed.
At the heart of the interior composition, a magnificent stainless-steel kitchen counter takes center stage, adorned with a decorative frieze and vibrant neon accents. This focal point not only adds energy and visual appeal but also serves as a hub of activity, inviting guests to witness the culinary artistry unfolding before their eyes.

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