Asian fast food cafe chain.
Moscow | 2020
The interior was created on the basis of simple and clear forms, which makes it
stand out from other projects on the food court and give the eye a break from the visual noise of the shopping mall.

Creating this interior, I focused on the general associations connected with Asia:
In nature: the sea, the sun, the sky, the sunset.
In architecture: minimalistic rectangular shapes.
In the finish: dense colors, warm wood," watercolor " plaster.

The geometric pattern on the frieze consists of 4 square formats, which
indicates 4 different cuisines in particular and a variety of menus in general, while maintaining a common approach. The pattern also accent the structure of the logo.

Thin vertical slats are associated with authentic Asian architecture: there are Chinese bamboo structures, thatched bungalow's roofs in Vietnam and Thailand, and Japanese mats. Visually make the elongated space higher and more harmonious.

The counter is highlighted in color and is the attraction center  for guests.
As a "wow effect", I use an optical illusion: "the setting sun" on different layers.
This effect shows the transparency and lightness of the concept and a trigger for visitors.  Also it uses for marketing purposes.
The fluted glass creates a feeling of water, in which the sun goes down.
Photos By Polina Poludkina
The concept is based on modularity, so it is replicated in
completely different formats: from a large restaurant to a point at a food festival.

Here are visualizations for another format.

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