Too much beer&wine

Location: Moscow, Malyi Gnezdilovskyi av., 12
Purpose: beer and wine house
Total space: 130 m2
State: implemented in 2016
Photo: Aleksey Svirin
Interior design: finoarte design studio

Too much beer&wine is a bar which is situated in the very center of Moscow. The place is presented in a popular form: a beer and wine restaurant. More than 100 types of European bottled beer are served here and 16 draft taps are offered. A wine card is also available. The menu can be divided in two parts: beer snacks and European cuisine (in the chef’s interpretation).

The restaurant is located in the last-century Moscow mansion. Entrance to the building is decorated in a non-standard way: black color highlights the window instead of the door and the sign. This method helps to draw a passer-by attention.
The interior combines classic loft and laconic Nordic styles: vintage brick walls, light wood tables and black metal details are used. The place may seem rather strict but cozy at the same time. These untypical solutions help to create such an effect. For example, the restaurant does not have a traditional bar counter. Instead, the barmen works at a table in the restaurant common space, as if he is working in the kitchen at home. The barmen is closer to the guests than usual and almost becomes a part of the room, which creates a special atmosphere. Moreover, many tables in the common area have a conjoint seating so that the guests interact more with each other. 

The main materials used in this project are: wood, iron, concrete and bricks; the main colors: white, black and light wood. Welded pipes rack is one of the main décor elements. Beer and wine bottles are stored here. The same pipes are used for making the signs on the walls. Another interior accent is presented by infographics on the technology of beer-making on the brick walls of the bar. 

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