Edge is a Taganka restaurant with grilled dishes and a rich wine list. The refined style and calm color palette in the interiors continues the traditions of small
european restaurants. Edge regularly hosts wine tastings and master classes from sommeliers.

Edge is like the brink. The chef’s knife blade and the choiсe from a number of perfect wines for restaurant guests.

Interior Design:
The restaurant is located in an old mansion of the late 19th century and consists of several small rooms with beautiful vaulted ceilings of original brickwork. The premises differ from each other in colors of the walls, but are combined in the form of decorative elements and wall panels. Geometric mirrors and sharp lines of the interior details complement the concept of the name, the severity of forms is sprinkled with lots of greenery and cozy furniture in the style of the 60s. The ceilings are painted white, and the lighting system is designed to avoid «direct» light. There is a large summer terrace in the backyard full of plants and grape vines, hidden from the eyes of passers-by, where events are held during the warm season.

Brand identity:
The logo design continues the idea of clear edges - smooth parallel lines echo the geometry of the walls. A dynamic monochrome pattern is used for a wide range of graphic media.

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